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I’m thinking what might happen if a group of us really began to fervently pray. What might happen corporately in churches. What might happen under our own roofs. I think God’s up to something.

The kind of prayer I’m talking about might not only be a catalyst for a great move of God. It would also heal us of so much misery our selfishness, infighting, pettiness, nearsightedness, carnality & banner-waving of personal rights have caused us. Even the very basic practice of praying every day for someone other than ourselves - people who are ill or in grief - help break me out of my small world.  I think we’re primed by the miseries of our selfishness for a mighty move of God. But it will not happen apart from prayer. Bold prayer out of bold faith & love.

We don’t realize how our individualism and all our little individualistic factions are distracting us from the way of Jesus and draining us of Holy Spirit power.  We could be part of something so much bigger than us.


Let's take the month of October to PRAY.  We will post a prompting on social media daily. It would be stuff like including a daily Bible reading of your choice & length, just to insure being in Scripture. It would be entirely up to you


The main idea would be uniting in prayer in the name of Jesus for works only he can do. And we wouldn’t feel alone or overwhelmed. We’d know others were also praying. Imagine how refreshing it would be to take 31 days to pray.  Nothing but praying in the name of Jesus for the will of Jesus to be done. No signing up. No counting how many of us are doing it. Not women only. Not men only. Not grown ups only. No denominational stuff. Just people who believe in Jesus.

We start today (Oct. 1st

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